What are popular Home Cough Remedies?

Home Cough Remedies

Home Cough Remedies are great for suppressing cough and are easy to make. Natural Cough Remedies are very handy when you find yourself in urgent need of treating your cough.

Such coughing remedies generally taste good and are as effective as some over the counter cough medicines. Home Cough Remedies are simple medicines for cough that you can make at home.


You can make these natural cough remedies using common ingredients available in your kitchen or home garden. Examples of such ingredients include honey, ginger, turmeric, black pepper etc.

Home Cough Remedies generally do not have any adverse side effects on you. However, if you are allergic to one of the ingredients used in the home cough remedy, you must be cautious.

So before you use any ‘Home Cough Remedies’ mentioned on this website, you may want to check if you are allergic to the ingredients.

Why use Home Cough Remedies?

Your body triggers a cough as a protection when a foreign matter enters your respiratory parts.

Thus cough is the natural way of getting throat cleared of irritants etc. But if you have been coughing for a long time, say over a week or so, then you must do something to treat your cough.

Using home cough remedies would normally be the first step of cough treatment.

Many people use home cough remedies because they are so easy to make and are very safe.  Some home remedies for cough are as good as Over The Counter cough medicines.

So next time you or someone you love is coughing a lot, you can use home cough remedies. If your cough does not come down, you can then go and see a doctor.


Home remedies for a cough are good but you cannot depend on them alone. If the home remedies for cough do not help you soon you must talk to a doctor.

You must see a doctor for a Cough Suppressant if the coughing has been going on for some time. A doctor may prescribe a cough suppressant as medicine for cough for you.

What are popular Home Cough Remedies?

Some of the popular home cough remedies include

  • Honey
  • Turmeric
  • Black Pepper
  • Lemon


Home Cough Remedies Honey
Home Cough Remedies Honey

Honey is a very popular home cough remedy. It helps form a nice layer on the mucus membrane which in turn helps soothe irritation in the throat.

This unique property of honey helps you get rid of cough fast.

Honey works well as a remedy for most common types of cough.

Experts place honey at the top of home remedies for sore throat and cough.

Many doctors consider honey a great remedy for cough for its medicinal properties.

Honey is widely available in many groceries and super stores.

Honey is not just the Best Remedy for Cough but it also offers other health benefits For example, honey is great for skin health and it boosts your immunity.

You can consume honey direct or add it to your favorite hot drinks or cold drinks. Honey is more effective with hot drinks. Hot drinks also help you feel better when you have a cold or cough.

However, home remedies for baby cough are not usually based on honey.

Please consider medical opinion before you offer honey to small children as it may cause other problems. A medical advice is a must before using honey in home remedies for cough for children.


Turmeric is a natural spice commonly used in Indian cooking.

Home Cough Remedies Turmeric
Home Cough Remedies Turmeric

Turmeric is available as yellow powder in many Asian or Indian groceries and other super markets. It is also sold in its natural form as a root either fresh or dry.

Powder turmeric is produced by grinding dry turmeric root.

Many people in India believe turmeric is the best remedy for cough.

Home remedies for a cough based on turmeric are very effective. Hence, it is also the main ingredient in many dry cough home remedies.

Turmeric is a natural anti-biotic and anti-bacterial material. The anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties make turmeric one of the best home remedies for dry cough.

You can add turmeric to your food during cooking so that you consume it every day.

You may also mix turmeric with honey and ginger paste, and then take a spoonful at a time for 2-3 times a day. It provides some relief from cough almost immediately.

Black Pepper

Many people use black Pepper, a common spice in  their recipes. Some use whole pepper corns while others use black pepper powder. You may use black pepper corns in all your recipes.

Black pepper has many medicinal properties and health benefits. Black pepper helps soothe dry chesty cough and sore throat. For these reasons, black pepper is the main ingredient of many home cough remedies.

If you like, you may sprinkle black pepper powder on your food and eat. Adding black pepper powder to a hot soup is a great way to get quick relief from dry cough, chesty cough or sore throat.

However, home remedies for cough for children do not use black pepper. Home remedies for baby cough do not use black pepper due to its strong taste. Children may find black pepper taste too hot and strong.

We expect home cough remedies to be effective and tasty as well. Adults may find it easier to consume black pepper powder with a spoon of honey.


Lemon is very rich in vitamin C which boosts your immunity against cough and cold. Some doctors say lemon also has anti-cancer properties.

These properties make lemon one of the best ingredients in Home Cough Remedies.

Home Cough Remedies Lemon
Home Cough Remedies Lemon

Many popular Home Cough Remedies use Lemon. You may consume lemon in many ways.

You can drink a cup of hot drink made from water, lemon juice and honey. This works wonders if you drink first thing in the morning. Such hot drink helps clear your cough and other side effects of cough too.

Many people mix lemon juice with other ingredients like honey, turmeric etc. to make Home Cough Remedies tastier. You may also add lemon juice to food when you cook.

5 Home Remedies for Cough for Kids

Home Remedies for Cough for Kids

Home Remedies for Cough for Kids are very easy to make, use. They are very effective in treating cough in children.

Cough and cold are so common in children and you may have to face cough and cold in children very often. Taking the child to the doctors every time they have a cold or cough can be very stressful for parents as well as children.

It is very wise to try one of the many home remedies for cough for kids to begin with. Please find below some of the very popular home cough remedies that you may find useful for your child.

A word of caution for all parents is that you must always be sensible in using home cough remedies for kids. Things like allergies and other factors play an important role.

Adult cough remedies may not necessarily be good for children with cough. For example, Honey is an important home cough remedy that may not be so good for some kids.

If the home remedy for cough for kids does not work, you must however see a doctor.

5 Top Natural Remedies for Cough in Children

These 5 Home Remedies for Cough for Kids are the best a parent can think of when they want to treat the cough of their child in the comfort of their own home.

So, the first choice any parent can think of is ‘Home Remedies for Cough for Kids’.

Home Remedies for Cough for Kids are much safer than over the counter medicines. Generally home cough remedies for children do not have any adverse side effects. Most home cough remedies are tastier  than OTC or prescribed medcines too.

You may also make the home cough remedies taste better to make them easy for your children. It is important that kids cough medicine must taste good. Many baby cough remedies are with fruity flavours and sweet in taste.


Honey is a very powerful home based medicine for many ailments.

You can consume honey if you have any type of cough. Honey works on the irritated membranes of respiratory tract and provides you immediate relief. Once irritation comes down, cough comes down too.

You can offer Honey to children after certain age only. So please do not give honey to children without checking with your doctor first. Honey can be harmful for children below some age.


With chesty cough, kids suffer congestion due to extra mucus in lungs or respiratory tract.

When the mucus is thick and sticky, the patient feels very uncomfortable. Patient feels congestion in lungs and respiratory tract with excess mucus. One must find a way to expel the excess mucus in order to make the patient feel better.

But it is very difficult to expel thick and sticky mucus from the respiratory tract.  We need to thin the mucus in order to expel it easily. The trick is to give lots of fluids to the child that’s suffering from congestion, cold and cough.

Doctors say it is very important to give plenty of fluids to children when they are coughing.

Fluids act like lubricants and thin the mucus in respiratory tract. When the extra fluids enter the body, the mucus also gets smooth. Once the mucus thins down with fluids, it is easy to expel it.

Thus giving extra fluids alongside baby cough remedies is important. All toddler cough remedies work better with extra fluids given to the children with chest congestion and cough.

Raised Head

If the child is coughing a lot in bed, you can try raising child’s head a little. You can use either a small pillow or a folded towel to do so.

This helps clear the cough and allows the child to sleep better.

When the child has head raised, the mucus and fluids move downwards with gravity and the throat and lungs get cleared. When the throat and lungs are clear from mucus and irritating liquids, the child coughs less and sleeps more.

Thus keeping the child’s head raised provides some relief to the kids and they can sleep better.

So, in addition to using toddler cough remedies, you may find it useful to make the child sleep with raised head. This trick works very well during Cough Treatment at Home.


Tulasi is a very popular plant with great medicinal value. Many Indian households worship Tulasi on a daily basis as a holy plant.

Tulasi leaves contain many medicinal properties and help in soothing cough in children. Cough Remedies for Kids in countries like India generally contain Tulasi.

Children may consume Tulasi on a daily basis too. Regular consumption of Tulasi improves immunity and promotes longevity.

Tulasi leaf has a nice flavour and aroma. Tulasi juice has a very refreshing taste.

So to treat cough in children that can eat Tulasi leaf or drink Tulasi juice, you may give them the same.

If the children do not like the leaf or juice, you may mix it in their favourite food or drink and give.


You can allow the child to inhale some steam when they are coughing a lot. Inhaling steam is common in Cough Treatment at Home. Steam acts as decongestant and helps the respiratory tubes open up more.

This helps the child to breathe better and cough less.

You may find this personal steam inhaler handy, easy to use and safe. You may also let hot water tap run for few minutes in a closed room. The steam from hot water fills in the room. But buying a steaming kit is a more sensible thing to do.

It is important that you take enough care and precaution to avoid any accidents with hot water and steam.

Summary | Home Remedies for Cough for Kids

When you use home remedies for cough for kids as above, it is important to keep an eye on the condition of the child. You can use any home remedies for cough for kids only for few days.

If the cough is persistent despite using home remedies for cough for kids, you must see a doctor. When you see the doctor, you must explain to him what home remedies for cough for kids you used.

Based on that doctors will help you treat the child’s cough.

11 Simple Home Cough Remedies

Simple Home Cough Remedies are great when you want a easy and quick way to control your cough. Simple Home Cough Remedies can keep you in good form until you get to the doctors.

Natural cough remedies that you can make from kitchen ingredients are very helpful. There are many ‘Simple Home Cough Remedies’ you can make at home with simple ingredients from your kitchen.

11 Simple Home Cough Remedies
11 Simple Home Cough Remedies

Many people depend on Simple Home Cough Remedies for some time and if the cough does not go away in a week or so, they see a doctor.

Please note that any Home Cough Remedies that you use must be explained to your doctor. Some doctors do encourage the use of Home Cough Remedies. Your doctor will investigate further if Home Remedies for Coughing have not helped you to get rid of cough. The doctor may prescribe you the best cough suppressant if necessary.

What causes Cough?

A cough can be due to a number of reasons like a virus, common cold, excessive smoking, allergy or more serious ones like asthma, tuberculosis and lung cancer.

Basically cough is a reaction that brain produces when there is a foreign substance blocking or irritating throat or air passages.

Whatever the cause of cough, there are many home cough remedies that are simple to use and very effective.

11 Simple Home Cough Remedies

Let’s see 11 simple Home Cough Remedies that work wonders to control cough. You may as well find one of these to be the best cough medicine for adults.

These natural coughing remedies can be used on adults if they are not allergic to these. But, please consult a doctor and discuss before trying these coughing remedies on children.

Home remedies for cough for kids may need to be used with caution. All Home Remedies for Coughing must be used with care and caution and any adverse reactions taken to hospital.

Home Cough Remedies must also be discussed with doctors. Home remedies for cough for kids is a totally different area not covered by this article. So, please do not try any of the simple home cough remedies here on children. When it comes to cough treatment for children, seeing a doctor is the best thing to do.

Please find below 11 of the simplest home cough remedies. You can check for yourself which is the best cough medicine for adults.

Please note that the author is not a qualified doctor or medical professional and the below is only findings from research done by the author out of personal interest.

You are strongly advised to seek medical advice before using any of the remedies mentioned on this website. Also, if you think you have a persistent cough over some time, please see a doctor for the best cough suppressant.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric has great medicinal value for many ailments. It has the antibiotic effect on the body. Turmeric helps to relieve cough symptoms when you consume it the right way.

Turmeric in powder form is easier to use in recipes or home remedies for cough. Turmeric is actually root, people dry it and then powder it to make it easier to consume.

Some of the tips for using turmeric for cough remedy are:

  • Add turmeric, black pepper powder and honey to boiled water and drink it few times a day for quick cough relief
  • You can also mix turmeric powder and honey with some black pepper powder and eat it

These remedies are supposedly more effective when consumed on empty stomach. But you may also consume these when you cough a lot so you get some immediate relief at home.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a very popular and effective home remedy for cough. One way to consume ginger is to clean and peel ginger root and chew it.

But ginger has strong flavour and if you are someone that cannot take such a strong flavour, you can boil ginger in water, add some honey and drink it warm like tea.

Tea and other drinks with ginger as Home Cough Remedies! Great!

3. Lemon

As a fruit, Lemon is strong in vitamin C and improves body immunity to viral or bacterial infections. Lemon is easily available in the market and is cheap.

The best way to use lemon as home cough remedy is to make a simple drink by squeezing in a lemon in warm water and adding a spoon of honey and drink it to get good relief from cough.

Drinking lemon and honey with warm water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is great and refreshing. This warm drink with honey and lemon helps to detoxify your body and lose weight too.

Next time you wonder how to cure dry cough with one of the simple home cough remedies, you can think of lemon and honey.

4. Garlic

One of the best Simple Home Cough Remedies is garlic. Garlic provides quick and effective relief from cough at home.

Many people use garlic in their cooking not just for its flavour but also its medicinal value. Another way to consume garlic as a home cough remedy is to boil some garlic in water and add some honey to drink.

If you can tolerate garlic’s flavour in the mouth, you can also get a clove of garlic and eat it direct. Please remember to chew the garlic well to prevent choking.

And please never give a clove of garlic to a child to eat as it may choke them or too strong a flavour for a child.

5. Onion

Onion is a common ingredient in many recipes and has great medicinal value. It can be one of the simple Home Cough Remedies.

Onion is also known to help soothe a bad cough just by its strong flavour and taste not just its medicinal value. Just cutting onion can help you relieve cough. When you cut onion, you breathe in its strong flavour that helps you ease up cough.

If you like it, you can also drink onion juice mixed with honey as a home cough remedy. This is how to cure dry cough.

6. Honey and Milk

If you have been coughing all day and find it difficult to sleep, honey with hot milk is a very good one of simple Home Cough Remedies.

Just heat a cup of milk, add some honey to it (turmeric too if you can) and drink it before going to bed. This will give relief from cough and any chest or throat pain resulting from constant cough.

This is also a good dry cough home remedy.

7. Black Pepper

Black pepper is known to relieve sore throat and cough very effectively and is a great dry cough home remedy.

You can use black pepper in cooking or powder it and add to a spoon of honey and consume. Or you can add black pepper powder and honey to a cup of hot milk and consume for immediate cough relief.

If you are fond of soups, you can add generous amount of pepper powder to your soup and drink the soup for better relief from cough.

8. Cayenne

Take some cayenne pepper, ground ginger and some honey to mix together and consume it 2-3 times a day for quick relief from cough. You may also add some apple cider vinegar to make it more effective.

This is one of the best and simple Home Remedies for Coughing. Easy Cough Treatment at Home indeed!

9. Carrot

Carrots too can make simple Home Cough Remedies.

For a great home cough remedy, just pop in 2-3 carrots in a blender and blend to a nice paste, then add some water and honey and stir well. You can drink this 2-3 times a day for quick relief from cough.

This is because carrots have essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help treat cough at home. This is good way of Cough Treatment at Home.

For children that love carrots, is this one of the easy Home Cough Remedies? You can check for yourself. But please make sure you do not give big carrot pieces to children. Carrots can cause choking hazard in children.

10. Grapes

Sometimes excessive mucus in lungs or other respiratory tracts can cause a bad cough. Cough is an attempt from the body to get rid of excess mucus.

To expel mucus out from the body doctors generally prescribe an expectorant.

One of the simple home cough remedies that can act as an expectorant is grape. You can eat grapes direct or you can make grape juice and add some honey too if you wish.

Grapes can be one of the sweetest Home Remedies for Coughing! Fruits and Home Cough Remedies go very easy with me!

11. Almonds

As dry fruits or nuts, Almonds are very nutritious and bring you many health benefits. Almonds are also one of the best Home Cough Remedies.

For good relief from cough, soak some almonds in water over night and then grind the soaked almonds to a fine paste. You can add some butter to this paste and consume as a home remedy for cough.

Tasty and Crunchy almonds as Home Cough Remedies! Great!

Are Home Remedies for Baby Cough safe?

Home Remedies for Baby Cough are very handy when your child starts coughing and all you want is a quick help. You can start cough treatment at home with simple home cough remedies for children. This saves you from lot of hassle as many home remedies for baby cough work very quickly and the child calms down. This gives you some quiet time until you get to the doctors.

An alternative way of cough at treatment at home is by using over the counter cough medicines for children. Most OTC cough medicines for children however can have side effects and may not be safe. Natural cough remedies for children are safe and have no adverse side effects. Some home remedies for baby cough work quicker than over the counter cough medicines.

So next time your child has a cold or cough, you can try some of the simple Home Remedies for Baby Cough and see if they work. Doctors encourage use of ‘Home Remedies for Baby Cough’ before you decide to see a them but, if your child has a persistent cough, you must consult a good doctor quickly.

After giving some Home Remedies for Baby Cough, if your child does not show any good progress, you must take the child to a doctor. The doctors will take care of the child’s cough. You can ask the doctor what’s good for cough in babies and the doctor will offer you baby cough medicine.

Examples of Home Remedies for Baby Cough

Home Remedies for Baby Cough include

  • getting lots of rest for the child
  • getting the child to breathe some steam air
  • using saline drops to decongest and let the child breathe easier
  • applying vapour rubs following medical instructions
  • give the child lots of fluids to drink with doctor’s advice
  • helping the child to lie down with head in elevated position when on bed

The above remedies are good for cough before you get a chance to take the child to a doctor for baby cough medicine.

If you want to offer honey to the child, please seek doctors’ advice.

The below is only a limited list of Cough Remedies for Kids and there may be many more depending on what your eating habits are.


You must make sure your child gets lots of rest when suffering from a cold or cough or viral fever. To fight a cough, the child’s body needs extra energy. The child can save some energy by resting.

Stress also impacts a child’s health so you can make sure your child gets proper rest and is free from any other pressures.

In many cases, Cough Treatment at Home for kids begins with proper rest.


When your child has a blocked nose or bad chest, you can expose the child to breathe in some steamy air. When the child breathes steam in, the heat and humidity helps soothe the irritated mucus membranes of the respiratory tract. This clears congestion, child can breathe easier and cough comes down.

Steam inhalation is one of the best home remedies for children’s cough and is a vital part of Cough Treatment at Home for babies.

You must very cautious with steam inhalation to make sure the child does not suffer any burns.

Saline Drops

Saline drops is one of the top Home Remedies for Coughing. Simple Saline drops are great for children with stuffy nose due to a cold or cough. Saline drops is one of the easiest toddler cough remedies.

You can put a drop in each nose with doctor’s advice. Then let the child lie down in a position that helps the saline to drip in and provide cough relief.

Vapour Rubs

Vapour rubs based on things like eucalyptus, camphor and menthol can help kids with cold and cough feel better instantly.

Vapour rubs is one of toddler cough remedies. When you buy vapour rubs you must ask for Cough Remedies for Kids as some vapour rubs may be too strong for kids.

As some vapour rubs are very strong in smell, you need to take medical advice before using these on kids.

Extra Fluids

Giving extra fluids to a child alongside other Home Remedies for Coughing is important. You can give extra fluids like, water, fruit juice etc. to children with cough so that they feel more hydrated.

Offering extra fluids is one of the most vital home remedies for children’s cough. When they drink more fluids, mucus gets thinner. When the mucus is thinner, it is easy to expel it. So the child feels better.

Are home remedies for baby cough safe?

All home remedies for baby cough are generally very gentle and made from natural ingredients so they are safe. The only exception of safety of home remedies for baby cough is when a child is allergic to some ingredients.

So when you prepare home remedies for baby cough, you must consider any allergies the child may have.

Honey may be one of the best cough medicine for adults but it may be harmful for some children. Honey is never to be used in any home remedies for baby cough without doctor advice. If honey is used in home remedies for baby cough, it may cause some problems in children.

11 Home Remedies for Dry Cough

Home Remedies for Dry Cough are very helpful when you have a bad dry cough. This is even better if you do not like to use any medicines or drugs from a pharmacy.

11 Home Remedies for Dry Cough

There are many home remedies for dry cough like Tulasi, Honey, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Marshmallow, Eucalyptus oil and Mint.

These are easy to use and very effective in treating dry cough. Please try these in small doses after consulting with your doctor.


Tulasi is a holy basil leaf that many Indian households worship.

Fresh Tulasi leaves have great medicinal value and provide instant relief from dry cough.

You can eat Tulasi leaves directly or make a juice and drink.


Honey is a very popular home remedy for dry cough.

A spoon of honey can help in soothing irritated mucus membrane in respiratory tract. This helps suppress cough.

Honey also has an overall revitalizing effect on your body.


Turmeric is a root and is used in powdered forms in many Indian recipes.

It is a powerful anti-bacterial substance and helps fight infections.

Adding a spoon of turmeric to warm milk and drinking it can really help soothe cough well.


Ginger is a root and has a strong flavour that helps in decongesting blocked respiratory tract.

You can use ginger in cooking or add a bit to your tea so that you feel better from dry cough.


Garlic has great medicinal value.

The strong flavour of garlic helps boost immunity and relieves you from cough and cold.

Gargle Salt Water

Gargling with warm salt water helps soothe irritated throat and clears decongestion.

After gargling with warm salt water, you normally can expel some mucus by cough and this helps in clearing throat.


Inhaling steam from boiled water can help decongest your respiratory tract and help you get rid of dry cough.

Such steam inhalation is easy using a personal steamer.

You may also turn the hot water tap on and stay in the bath room for few minutes.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root is another natural home remedy for dry cough that is very powerful in treating dry cough.

Warm Milk and Honey

When you find it difficult to sleep due to cough, try drinking a cup of warm milk with honey before bed time so that you get a sound sleep.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has a very strong smell. Inhaling the eucalyptus vapour will help decongest and clear the respiratory tract, It gives relief from cough.


You can eat mint as part of your diet which will help in clearing your breath and throat and relieves you from cough.

Is there a home remedy for dry cough for adults?

Home Remedy for Dry Cough is what you need when you have a dry cough giving you a tickle and pain in throat.

Dry cough is very annoying and it can also cause severe pain in chest and throat. When you have a dry cough, you need to do something about it. It just doesn’t go away on its own. Did you know that you can make a Home Remedy for Dry Cough with simple natural ingredients from your kitchen or garden.

Home Remedy for Dry Cough  helps well before you have the opportunity to see a doctor. Natural cough remedies help suppress cough quickly and do not have any side effects. So when you have a bad dry cough you can always start your cough treatment at home with a good home remedy for dry cough.

However, if your condition does not improve with ‘Home Remedy for Dry Cough’, and your dry cough remains persistent for weeks, you must see a doctor for proper medical advice.  You can also ask the doctor how to cure your dry cough that you have had for weeks. Your doctor may give you the best medicine for dry cough.

What are dry cough symptoms?

Dry cough does not produce any mucus and generally is accompanied with an irritation on the back of the throat. Doctors some time call it as non-productive cough as dry cough does not produce any mucus.

When you have a dry cough, you may feel an irritation and tickle in your throat. You may feel as if something is stuck in your throat but you just can’t get it out.

What causes a dry cough?

  • An irritation in throat is generally the behind a dry cough.
  • A virus or a bacteria can leave an irritation in your throat. This can result in dry cough.
  • Sometimes irritants such as smoke, dust or ash can irritate your throat and cause a bad dry cough.
  • Sometimes a dry cough can be the side effect of some medicine.
  • Some illnesses like a viral fever can leave behind a dry cough when they leave you.

There can be many other reasons for your dry cough. If you want to be absolutely sure of what is causing dry cough in your case, you can ask your doctor. Understanding what causes dry cough and how to cure dry cough can help you immensely.

Is there a home remedy for dry cough?

There are many home cough remedies that you can try to treat your dry cough at home. A home remedy for dry cough is often very simple and available readily in your home. You can make a home remedy for dry cough from common ingredients in your kitchen or garden.

Tulasi is the best cough medicine for adults whatever the type of cough. If Tulasi leaves or drink or powder is available, you can try to treat your dry cough with Tulasi.

If Tulasi is not available, you can try other home cough remedies for dry cough treatment at home. Please find some examples of home cough remedies below.

You can use any home remedy for dry cough from below but if needed, you must see a doctor and get the best medicine for dry cough. Your doctor can get you a good medicine for dry cough.


Gargling is a great Home Remedy for Dry Cough .

A very simple home remedy for dry cough is to gargle your throat with warm salted water. Doing so will heal the pain that dry cough causes and also soothe the irritation. When irritation is healed, your dry cough comes down too.

A word of caution. When you are gargling with warm salt water, be careful not to add too much salt. If you use too much salt, you may feel like vomit. Salt water gargling may not go well with children. Children may not like salt water and they may vomit easily than adults. So it is not a good idea to use this home remedy for dry cough on children.

Gargling acts as a good medicine for dry cough for adults.


Honey is another natural remedy for dry cough. Honey is very good for itchy throat dry cough.

You can suppress a dry cough by consuming honey directly or mixed with warm milk. To make it more effective you can add some pepper powder and honey to warm milk and drink. If you want you can turmeric also to this drink.

When you feel sleepless due to irritation caused by dry cough, you can try taking a spoonful honey with warm milk before bed time. It helps you sleep well.


Ginger is another natural remedy for dry cough that helps soothe the irritation caused by dry cough. Ginger is one of the best Home Remedies for Sore Throat and dry Cough.

As a Dry Cough Home Remedy, You can boil some ginger in water and drink the juice. To make it more effective, you can add honey and black pepper to this drink. You can even use ginger in your cooking.


A yellow powder, turmeric is a root spice that many Indians use in cooking.

Turmeric is very powerful antibiotic and anti-bacterial material. Turmeric is a great Dry Cough Home Remedy and heals itchy throat dry cough. Turmeric is one of the best Home Remedies for Sore Throat and Cough.

You can a spoon of turmeric powder and honey to a cup of warm milk and drink to treat dry cough at home. Using turmeric in your recipes while cooking can really help find relief from dry cough.

Summary | Is there a home remedy for dry cough for adults?

You can use any of the above dry cough home remedies and see if they help you. Many people find quick relief from dry cough with some of the above dry cough home remedies.

Thus, home remedy for dry cough is a good starting point for dry cough treatment. But if your dry cough is persistent despite using home cough remedies, you need to see a doctor as soon as you can.  A persistent dry cough may be due to an underlying health condition which needs to be looked at by your doctor.

Is Amla great for treating Cough and Cold?

Is Amla great for treating Cough and Cold?

Amla is indeed great for treating cold, cough and flu symptoms extensively. Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry or ‘amalaki’ is a translucent fruit with a unique blend of sweet, bitter, sour and pungent flavours. Amla has been a common ingredient in many Indain kitchens for thousands of years.

Amla has many health benefits. Ayurveda uses amla in making many medicines for a range of ailments. Ayurveda believes that the root cause of any illness lies in an imbalance between the three doshas, vata,pitta and kapha.

Ayurveda considers amla as the main remedy to correct any imbalance between vata, pitta and kapha. Thus Amla can treat the underlying cause of many health problems.

Amla is very rich in Vitamin C which makes it one of the best natural cough suppressants. Amla is also rich in a range of many polyphenols like gallic acid, corilagin, ellagic acid, lutelin. The presence of these polyphenols means amla can protect you and fight cancer or heart diseases.

What are the health benefits of amla?

Amla has many other health benefits than being one of the best medicines for cough , cold and flu.

Amla prevents hair loss and premature graying. Amla also enhances hair growth and prevents ageing. You may apply amla paste to scalp or eat amla to derive these benefits.

As amla is rich in carotene, it heals many eye and vision related problems like cataract, intraocular tension etc.

Amla is high in fibre and so aids digestion in many ways. Amla treats constipation, improves bowel movements. Regular consumption of amla helps in better digestion, nutrient absorption and increases your appetite.

Consumption of amla stimulates insulin production and so helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Chromium present in amla helps diabetics in many ways including cholesterol correction.

Amla cleanses your body from toxins and detoxifies your liver. It makes you urinate more.

Amla boosts your immunity and protects you from various infections.

How to consume Amla?

The easiest and best way to consume amla is to eat it fresh from raw. This makes sure you get maximum health benefit from amla.

You can wash, de-seed and cut amla into small pieces and then juice it. Drinking this juice helps your body to absorb all the nutrients very quickly.

You may also make a pickle or chutney from amla and eat it alongside your meals.

You may marinate and dry amla pieces to keep for long time and eat daily.

You can dry amla, then powder it and store it. You may eat this powder, use it in recipes or make tea with this and consume.

How do you make home remedies with Amla?

To treat cold and cough, mix one spoon of amla juice with one spoon of honey and consume. Repeat this 2-3 times a day for 4-5 days. This should treat your cold or cough. If you still keep coughing after this, please see a doctor.

If you suffer from chronic dry cough, eat amla powder with honey 2-3 times a day.

To treat painful mouth ulcers, you may gargle with amla juice mixed in water 2-3 times a day.

Make a decoction of amla. Apply it to your scalp and massage your scalp. Then  wash your hair. This helps prevent hair-fall, premature graying and treats dandruff.

If you suffer from constipation, drink warm water with amla powder before you go to bed.

If you suffer from acidity, eat amla powder with honey after every meal.

Indians strongly believe that consuming one amla everyday in any form will improve your health in many ways.

4 Easy Natural Cough Suppressants

Natural Cough Suppressants are lot safer than over the counter cough medicines. You can make most Natural cough suppressants from common ingredients from your kitchen.

Natural cough medicines do not have any side effects on our health like other prescribed cough medicines OTC cough suppressants. For these reasons, ‘natural cough suppressants’ are very safe and handy when it comes to urgent cough treatment.

Home cough remedies is another name for natural cough suppressants.

Let us see 3 natural cough suppressants that you can try to treat cough at home.

Thyme Tea

Tea made from Thyme is great for suppressing coughs and treating respiratory infections like bronchitis etc. Fresh thyme leaves contain loads of juice that is very good to help relax muscles around the respiratory tract.

To make thyme tea you can add a spoonful of crushed thyme leaves into a cup of hot water then add some honey, lemon or ginger and drink it. This can give you instant relief form cough.


Steam works very well in suppressing many types of coughs. Inhaling steam helps to decongest respiratory tract and helps you breathe easier.

You can get in the shower and turn the hot water on and enjoy a hot shower allowing some steam to form around you.

You can also use a home steamer to breath some steam in. Using a personal steaming kit is lot safer than trying to produce steam from a hot water tap.

However, people whom suffer from asthma need to check with a doctor before using steam.


Drinking lots of fluids is another tip for those suffering from cough. Cough treatment at home starts with fluids. You can have fluids alongside other home remedies for cough.

When you drink lots of fluids, the excess mucus in your respiratory tract becomes thinner. Once the mucus thins, your body will be able to expel the mucus easily.

When your body  expels mucus, irritation in your respiratory tract comes down and you will find good relief from cough.


Licorice is another natural cough suppressant that is very effective in suppressing cough.

If you can tolerate the taste of licorice you can consume it direct. To improve the taste of your licorice drink, you can also add a sweetener like honey.

Licorice candy also helps soothe dry cough.  Probably licorice candy is the sweetest among the Home Remedies for Coughing.

Summary | Natural Cough Suppressants

Other examples of Cough Treatment at Home include honey, ginger, lemon, black pepper, tulasi etc. If tulasi leaves are available, you can eat tulasi leaves or drink tulasi juice. Tulasi can be the best cough medicine for you at home.

Only word of caution is that when using honey in Home Remedies for Coughing for kids, please consult a doctor before you start.

Honey is one of the best natural cough suppressants for adults. But when it comes to kids, natural cough suppressants generally avoid honey.

4 Dry cough home remedies you can make at home

Dry Cough Home Remedies help you feel better when you are coughing with pain but not producing any mucus. When you cough, the idea of using dry cough home remedies is the beginning for cough treatment at home. You can prepare dry cough home remedies at home from common ingredients available in your kitchen.

To treat a dry cough and sore throat, you can also buy a medicine for dry cough over the counter from a pharmacy. You do not need a prescription to buy an OTC cough medicine. However, OTC cough medicines do have side effects just like other prescribed medicines. To avoid side effects, many people start dry cough treatment at home with dry cough home cough remedies. Some people use homeopathic remedy for cough.

When you have a persistent dry cough, you must see a doctor as soon as you can. This means, if your cough does not heal even after using ‘Dry Cough Home Remedies’ or OTC medicines for dry cough, you must see a doctor. Your doctor can examine you in detail, diagnose your condition in full and prescribe you suitable medicines for dry cough.

What causes Dry Cough?

Dry cough is generally caused by a virus or some infection at the back of your throat. Due to the infection the throat gets irritated and this in turn makes you cough.

Dry cough is sometimes accompanied by pain in the throat and chest. For this reason, dry cough home remedies look at treating the irritation in throat as well as pain.

A simple dry cough home remedy can be very quick and helpful when you cannot control your dry cough and the pain starts to annoy you.

4 Dry cough home remedies you can make at home

The below are some examples of dry cough home remedies. One of these can be the best medicine to treat your dry cough.


Honey is one of the best Home Remedies for Sore Throat and Cough. Drinking a spoonful of honey thrice a day helps soothe the irritation in the throat and brings the dry cough down. Honey contains lots of natural medicinal qualities and improves overall health too. You can also consume honey mixed with a cup of warm milk. If you consume a cup of warm milk at bed time with honey will soothe your dry cough and help you sleep better.

When using honey with children, please seek medical advice. Honey in home remedies for cough in toddlers can be dangerous. So please never offer honey to children without proper medical advice.


Steam inhalation is another wonderful home remedy for dry cough. If you can try inhaling some steam flavoured with eucalyptus oil, it will work even better. The strong smell of eucalyptus oil will help soothe the irritated respiratory tract and bring the cough down.

Some people say cough is a great excuse to enjoy the great aroma of eucalyptus oil. So go for a treat.

You may find a home steaming kit very helpful for steam inhalation at home. Safety is an important focus when you are using steam inhalation for dry cough treatment at home. You need to take all safety precautions to prevent any accidents. You only need to inhale steam to treat dry cough. You must avoid any risk of exposure to steam and avoid burns.


You can also try gargling your throat with warm salt water. Salt helps clear an otherwise irritated and itchy throat and makes you feel better almost instantly.

To gargle your throat with warm salt water, simply boil some water in a kettle like this. Then make a warm water mixture by adding suitable amounts of hot water, cold water and salt in a tumbler. Take one sip of this salted warm water into your mouth, let it go till the bottom of your throat and start gargling. Spit this water out after a few seconds. You might notice a quick relief in throat irritation and dry cough.

Beware of adding too much salt in the liquid though. Excess salt in water can make you vomit and can get very annoying. You want a dry cough home remedy without nasty side effects. So make sure you do not add too much salt to your warm water.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is  a great dry cough home remedy and also one of the home remedies for sore throat and dry cough. Black pepper powder makes a good medicine for dry cough.

You can consume black pepper in many ways. Here are two simple ways to consume black pepper for quick relief from sore throat and dry cough. You can use pepper as an ingredient in many medicines for cough. You can crush some black pepper and add it to a spoonful of honey and consume it to feel immediate relief from dry cough.

Once cannot use black pepper in home remedies for cough in toddlers. Children may find the black pepper flavour very harsh and can become very uncomfortable.

When to see a doctor for dry cough treatment?

All dry cough home remedies aim to ease the dry throat and provide relief from dry cough. You can use dry cough home remedies to begin with but if your cough is persistent, please see a doctor.

It is important that you see a doctor when your dry cough is persistent. This is important because all dry cough home remedies focus mostly on dry cough and sore throat. They do not address any underlying condition or the side effects of dry cough itself. To understand the background and root cause of your dry cough and sore throat, you must see a doctor for full investigation and diagnosis.

Chesty Cough Home Remedies | How to get rid of a Chesty Cough?

Chesty Cough Home Remedies are very helpful when you have a chesty cough that is very bad and you are not in a mood to go out to buy a cough medicine or see a doctor.

Chesty cough home remedies

When you have a chesty cough, you can start cough treatment at home with some easy to make chesty cough home remedies. You can also try over the counter cough medicines. But if your chesty cough is persistent, you need to see a doctor.


Honey is one of the best chesty cough home remedies that work like magic.

Sometimes these chesty cough home remedies work better than OTC cough medicines.

You can consume honey directly or add it to tea or warm milk.

If you find it difficult to sleep due to cough from chest, it is a good idea to drink warm milk with two spoons of honey before bed time. This will help you sleep better.

Honey forms a nice coat on mucus membranes that leads to reduced irritation.

Please be warned that honey could be dangerous for small children. So please consult a doctor before you want to try honey on small children.

Add Humidity

Sometimes chesty cough makes it difficult to breathe as it causes congestion in the respiratory tracts.

To address this issue, you need to keep your home more humid.

You can achieve this by reducing the heating a bit or sitting in the bathroom with hot water tap turned on. This will fill the air with steam that helps ease the congestion.

Drink Fluids

When you have a chesty cough you are likely to feel very congested in your chest or nose.

This is because the mucus tends to block the air passages. You must do something to thin your mucus and expel it. To beat this, you need to drink lots of fluids.

With this, you feel much hydrated and the mucus becomes thinner. This will help you expel the mucus and you will start feeling better soon.


Tulasi is a great home remedy for chesty cough. You can eat Tulasi leaves on their own or make a juice and drink. If you can find Tulasi tea, you can regularly drink Tulasi tea. Regular consumption of tulasi tea treats chesty cough and improves your immunity.