What are popular Home Cough Remedies?

Home Cough Remedies

Home Cough Remedies are great for suppressing cough and are easy to make. Natural Cough Remedies are very handy when you find yourself in urgent need of treating your cough.

Such coughing remedies generally taste good and are as effective as some over the counter cough medicines. Home Cough Remedies are simple medicines for cough that you can make at home.


You can make these natural cough remedies using common ingredients available in your kitchen or home garden. Examples of such ingredients include honey, ginger, turmeric, black pepper etc.

Home Cough Remedies generally do not have any adverse side effects on you. However, if you are allergic to one of the ingredients used in the home cough remedy, you must be cautious.

So before you use any ‘Home Cough Remedies’ mentioned on this website, you may want to check if you are allergic to the ingredients.

Why use Home Cough Remedies?

Your body triggers a cough as a protection when a foreign matter enters your respiratory parts.

Thus cough is the natural way of getting throat cleared of irritants etc. But if you have been coughing for a long time, say over a week or so, then you must do something to treat your cough.

Using home cough remedies would normally be the first step of cough treatment.

Many people use home cough remedies because they are so easy to make and are very safe.  Some home remedies for cough are as good as Over The Counter cough medicines.

So next time you or someone you love is coughing a lot, you can use home cough remedies. If your cough does not come down, you can then go and see a doctor.


Home remedies for a cough are good but you cannot depend on them alone. If the home remedies for cough do not help you soon you must talk to a doctor.

You must see a doctor for a Cough Suppressant if the coughing has been going on for some time. A doctor may prescribe a cough suppressant as medicine for cough for you.

What are popular Home Cough Remedies?

Some of the popular home cough remedies include

  • Honey
  • Turmeric
  • Black Pepper
  • Lemon


Home Cough Remedies Honey
Home Cough Remedies Honey

Honey is a very popular home cough remedy. It helps form a nice layer on the mucus membrane which in turn helps soothe irritation in the throat.

This unique property of honey helps you get rid of cough fast.

Honey works well as a remedy for most common types of cough.

Experts place honey at the top of home remedies for sore throat and cough.

Many doctors consider honey a great remedy for cough for its medicinal properties.

Honey is widely available in many groceries and super stores.

Honey is not just the Best Remedy for Cough but it also offers other health benefits For example, honey is great for skin health and it boosts your immunity.

You can consume honey direct or add it to your favorite hot drinks or cold drinks. Honey is more effective with hot drinks. Hot drinks also help you feel better when you have a cold or cough.

However, home remedies for baby cough are not usually based on honey.

Please consider medical opinion before you offer honey to small children as it may cause other problems. A medical advice is a must before using honey in home remedies for cough for children.


Turmeric is a natural spice commonly used in Indian cooking.

Home Cough Remedies Turmeric
Home Cough Remedies Turmeric

Turmeric is available as yellow powder in many Asian or Indian groceries and other super markets. It is also sold in its natural form as a root either fresh or dry.

Powder turmeric is produced by grinding dry turmeric root.

Many people in India believe turmeric is the best remedy for cough.

Home remedies for a cough based on turmeric are very effective. Hence, it is also the main ingredient in many dry cough home remedies.

Turmeric is a natural anti-biotic and anti-bacterial material. The anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties make turmeric one of the best home remedies for dry cough.

You can add turmeric to your food during cooking so that you consume it every day.

You may also mix turmeric with honey and ginger paste, and then take a spoonful at a time for 2-3 times a day. It provides some relief from cough almost immediately.

Black Pepper

Many people use black Pepper, a common spice in  their recipes. Some use whole pepper corns while others use black pepper powder. You may use black pepper corns in all your recipes.

Black pepper has many medicinal properties and health benefits. Black pepper helps soothe dry chesty cough and sore throat. For these reasons, black pepper is the main ingredient of many home cough remedies.

If you like, you may sprinkle black pepper powder on your food and eat. Adding black pepper powder to a hot soup is a great way to get quick relief from dry cough, chesty cough or sore throat.

However, home remedies for cough for children do not use black pepper. Home remedies for baby cough do not use black pepper due to its strong taste. Children may find black pepper taste too hot and strong.

We expect home cough remedies to be effective and tasty as well. Adults may find it easier to consume black pepper powder with a spoon of honey.


Lemon is very rich in vitamin C which boosts your immunity against cough and cold. Some doctors say lemon also has anti-cancer properties.

These properties make lemon one of the best ingredients in Home Cough Remedies.

Home Cough Remedies Lemon
Home Cough Remedies Lemon

Many popular Home Cough Remedies use Lemon. You may consume lemon in many ways.

You can drink a cup of hot drink made from water, lemon juice and honey. This works wonders if you drink first thing in the morning. Such hot drink helps clear your cough and other side effects of cough too.

Many people mix lemon juice with other ingredients like honey, turmeric etc. to make Home Cough Remedies tastier. You may also add lemon juice to food when you cook.

Why Tulasi Plant leaves can be the Best Medicine for Cough?

Best Medicine for Cough!

Best Medicine for Cough is the medicine for cough that is safe to use, inexpensive and works as the Best Remedy for Cough. Many people consider Tulasi Plant leaves as the Best Medicine for Cough.

Many Indians have been using Tulasi as the ‘Best Medicine for Cough’ for thousands of years. They consider Tulasi as the Best Medicine for Cough for many valid scientific reasons. Tulasi contains many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Regular consumption of Tulasi leaves helps boost immunity against cold, cough and other illnesses. Some even say Tulasi can cure all illnesses if consumed regularly.

Tulasi is the best medicine for cough for humans of all ages. Thus, Tulasi is the best home cough medicine for children and the best home cough medicine for adults too.

What is Tulasi Plant?

One can find Tulasi plant commonly in Indian subcontinent. Many Indian households cultivate Tulasi plants in their backyards. They do so for both religious and medicinal reasons. They consider Tulasi as the Best Remedy for Cough.

Many hindus worship Tulasi plant on a daily basis as a very holy plant. They offer Tulasi leaves to God during prayer and then eat them. Hinduism says that offering Tulasi leaves to God and then consuming them gives one a long healthy life.

Tulasi plant is also known as Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum or Holy Basil. The best medicine for cough ‘Tulasi’ is also known in Sanskrit as Surasa.

Best Medicine for Cough
Best Medicine for Cough

Tulasi plant has a very nice aroma, grows erect typically to 2 feet tall and has many branches. Tulasi plant looks like a mini shrub with leaves on all its branches. The leaves of Tulasi are simple green in colour sometimes with a purple strain. Tulasi leaves and have a strong, pleasant and soothing scent.

In India one can commonly see two varieties of Tulasi plant. These are Sri or Lakshmi Tulasi with green leaves and Krishna Tulasi with purple green leaves.

Tulasi plant leaves have great medicinal value such as the best medicine for dry cough. People in India have been treating common cold and cough symptoms by eating leaves from Tulasi plant for thousands of years.

Tulasi is popularly known as the best cough medicine for dry cough and other types of cough too. Some also say Tulasi is the best cough medicine for bronchitis too. So What is the Best Cough Medicine? Tulasi it is!

What medicinal properties does Tulasi have?

Ayurveda has used Tulasi as the best medicine for cough for thousands of years.

Tulasi has many medicinal properties as below:

  • Tulasi is the best cough medicine for dry cough.
  • Regular consumption of tulasi juice will balance different processes in the body when they go out of sync.
  • If one consumes Tulasi leaf regularly, it boosts immunity against many illnesses.
  • It also helps your body to de-stress and promote longevity.

For all the above reasons, Tulasi is the main ingredient in a wide range of Ayurveda medicines. Oil is extracted from Tulasi and then used in preparation of medicines.

One can eat Tulasi plant leaves fresh or drink tea made from dried and powdered Tulasi leaves. Tulasi leaf juice is the best cough medicine for kids as well as best cough medicine for adults. Tulasi is thus the best medicine for cough.

5 Facts about Tulasi

  • Tulasi is sometimes spelt as Tulsi or Thulasi

    5 Facts about Tulasi
    5 Facts about Tulasi
  • Plant ‘Tulasi’ comes in two main types Green-leaved, known as Sri or Lakshmi tulasi and Purple-green leaved, known as Krishna tulasi
  • Hindus worship Tulasi. Thus they  offer Tulasi leaves to God in worship
  • Tulasi is an aromatic plant in the family ‘Lamiaceae’
  • Tulasi is also known as Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum or Holy basil