What is the best Cough Medicine for Adults?

Best Cough Medicine for Adults

Best Cough Medicine for Adults? Ah….what a smart question to ask! We all wish there is a simple and sure answer for this question.

I wish I could just give you the name of the best cough medicine for adults. Then tell you where you can find it. You can buy that best cough suppressant or Medicine for Cough and use it.

But, in reality the answer for ‘best cough medicine for adults’ is not so easy or simple. There are many coughing remedies that you can use to treat a bad cough. You must choose the cough medicine that’s best for you.

Cough medicine for adults depends on the age and general health of the person coughing. Other factors like the type of cough they have along with all other cough related symptoms are important too.

Doctors believe the best cough medicine for adults may be different for different adults. Depending on the age of the person that’s coughing and the type of cough the person has, one of the many cough medicines or remedies works the best.

Does one cough medicine work equally well for all adults?

Best Cough Medicine for Adults
Best Cough Medicine for Adults

A Medicine for Cough for adults may work differently on different adults. So the ‘best Cough Medicine for Adults’ that suits you may not work for your friends or family. Someone else’s best cough medicine may not work for you.

You will have your own best Cough Medicine for Adults that suits your case. Your friend will have the best cough medicine for adults that suits him or her!

Given this, it is important for you to figure out what is the best cough medicine for adults that suits you. This will depend on your own medical background and health condition.

Such a personalized approach will help you treat your cough more easily. It also means you can get rid of your cough quicker. Knowing which cough medicine to use is critical for cough treatment.

A doctor’s role in cough treatment involves proper diagnosis and right prescription.

Does the same coughing medicine work for adults as well as children?

Doctors say that best cough medicine for children is often different from the best cough medicine for adults.

This may be due to the fact that coughing remedies work differently on children and adults. Causes for cough may also be different with children and adults.

For example, honey is a great cough remedy for adults but can be harmful for some children. On the other hand Tulasi is the best medicine for cough for adults as well as children with the exception of infants.

Is it necessary to see a doctor for Best Cough Medicine for Adults?

best Cough Medicine for Adults
Doctor can prescribe best Cough Medicine for Adults

In most cases, where the cough is neither severe nor chronic, you may not need to see a doctor. You may use either a home remedy for cough or over the counter medicine for cough.

But, buying the best over the counter cough medicine may not be a good idea all the time. There are many risks in buying over the counter medicine for cough and using it without a doctor’s advice.

You should stop self medication and see a doctor especially when your cough is persistent.

For chronic or severe cough, where the person has been coughing for more than few weeks or so, the best cough medicine or the best cough suppressant can only be prescribed by a qualified doctor. The doctor would perform proper medical examination and a pathological investigation before closing the diagnosis.

At all times a doctor’s consultation and advice is highly recommended in treating your cough, cold or flu etc.

Home Cough Remedies vs. Over the Counter Cough Medicines

Sometimes, when you have a bad cough, you may decide not to see a doctor immediately. But you definitely want to do something about your cough until you see your doctor. You may take one of the two options home cough remedies or over the counter medicines for cough.

Home Cough Remedies

As a first step in treating a bad cough, many people do try one of the popular home based cough remedies. Most of the home cough remedies are quick to make and easy to consume.

best Cough Medicine for Adults
best Cough Medicine for Adults home remedy

Natural cough remedies normally do not have any adverse side effects. However if you are allergic to an ingredient used in natural cough remedy, you may suffer from adverse reaction.

Home cough remedies are usually based on natural cough suppressants available in your kitchen. One can use such simple home remedies for cough until proper medical help becomes available.

This drink can help yu relax and bring cough down.

Over The Counter Cough Medicines

If for some reason it is not possible to try any home cough remedies you may use over the counter cough medicines. These are simple cough medicines  available from pharmacists or super stores or small shops. You do not need a prescription to buy over the counter cough medicines.

best Cough Medicine for Adults
best Cough Medicine for Adults over the counter

As with any other medicine, you must consume OTC cough medicines in the recommended dosage only. You will find the dosage and other detail explained on the label of the over the counter cough medicine. It is very important to read and understand such information for your own safety.

Please note that there is no single best over the counter cough medicine that suits all adults in all cases. You must research and find out the best OTC cough medicine that suits you. It is quite easy to do so if you can spare some effort and time.

Over the counter cough medicines are generally factory produced. Over the counter cough medicines may have side effects like any other medicines.

When home cough remedies or over the counter cough medicines do not help!

best Cough Medicine for Adults
best Cough Medicine for Adults clinic

In more complex cases of cough in adults, home cough remedies and over the counter cough medicines may not work.

When home cough medicine or OTC cough syrup do not help in treating cough, you must see a doctor as soon as possible.

The doctor will examine the patients in more detail and carry out some investigations involving pathology or radiology. Doctor takes suitable cough treatment approach based on the clinical observation and results of the investigation.

The doctor would usually treat the underlying health condition that is causing the cough rather than just suppressing the cough. This is because it would be impossible to get any relief from coughing unless the underlying condition is treated.

Cough medicine for children vs cough medicine for adults.

best Cough Medicine for Adults
best Cough Medicine for Adults

Cough remedies are different for adults and children. So, if you come across the best cough medicine for adults for yourself, it may not necessarily be the best cough medicine for children.

When you see a baby coughing very badly, you need not lose heart. You must have trust that there are many baby cough remedies available in the market.

But do not use the best cough medicine for adults on any child as it might be dangerous for the child. You will need to do some research to find the best cough syrup for children from all the toddler cough remedies available in the market.

If you find it difficult to get any baby cough remedy, you can always see a good doctor and ask for the best cough syrup for kids. It is always safe to see a doctor when your child is coughing for few days and no remedy is helping.

Does Best Cough Medicine for Adults depend on the type of cough?

Yes, different cough medicines work on different types of cough. It all depends on the cause of cough and the main ingredient of cough medicine. You need to match the main ingredient of your cough medicine with the type of cough you have.

Cough type may depend on the sound of cough or whether you bring up any phlegm when you cough etc.

Common types of cough are:

  • Chesty Cough,
  • Dry Cough and
  • Tickly Cough

A chesty cough is also called productive cough as it produces mucus.

A dry cough is called non productive cough as it does not produce any mucus.

A tickly cough normally causes uncomfortable tickle in the throat.

best Cough Medicine for Adults
best Cough Medicine for Adults mucus

Thus the causes and symptoms of various types of cough are different. Similarly, the cough medicines and the best cough medicine for adults will be different for each type of cough and what is causing the cough.

For example if someone is coughing from the chest, you need to look for a chesty cough remedy and not a cough syrup for dry cough.

And if someone has constant dry cough, you need to look for the best medicine for dry cough. In this case, a cough syrup for dry cough or a home remedy for dry cough may also help.

To find out what is the best cough medicine for adults for a given situation, you need to understand the type of cough. You may even need to consult a doctor if the cough is persistent.

Summary | Best Cough Medicine for Adults

Please note that the author is not a doctor or medical professional. The information presented here is only for reference and it is your responsibility to use it or not.

Please bear in mind that the medicines or remedies for cough, discussed in this article are of more generic and simple nature. It is your responsibility to understand and decide which cough medicine suits you best.

Also, if you have been coughing for more than a week or so, you must visit a qualified doctor. You may also buy the Best over the Counter Cough Medicine from a pharmacy at your own risk but a doctor’s advice is highly recommended.

Copyright  Best Cough Medicine for Adults

What are popular Home Cough Remedies?

Home Cough Remedies

Home Cough Remedies are great for suppressing cough and are easy to make. Natural Cough Remedies are very handy when you find yourself in urgent need of treating your cough.

Such coughing remedies generally taste good and are as effective as some over the counter cough medicines. Home Cough Remedies are simple medicines for cough that you can make at home.


You can make these natural cough remedies using common ingredients available in your kitchen or home garden. Examples of such ingredients include honey, ginger, turmeric, black pepper etc.

Home Cough Remedies generally do not have any adverse side effects on you. However, if you are allergic to one of the ingredients used in the home cough remedy, you must be cautious.

So before you use any ‘Home Cough Remedies’ mentioned on this website, you may want to check if you are allergic to the ingredients.

Why use Home Cough Remedies?

Your body triggers a cough as a protection when a foreign matter enters your respiratory parts.

Thus cough is the natural way of getting throat cleared of irritants etc. But if you have been coughing for a long time, say over a week or so, then you must do something to treat your cough.

Using home cough remedies would normally be the first step of cough treatment.

Many people use home cough remedies because they are so easy to make and are very safe.  Some home remedies for cough are as good as Over The Counter cough medicines.

So next time you or someone you love is coughing a lot, you can use home cough remedies. If your cough does not come down, you can then go and see a doctor.


Home remedies for a cough are good but you cannot depend on them alone. If the home remedies for cough do not help you soon you must talk to a doctor.

You must see a doctor for a Cough Suppressant if the coughing has been going on for some time. A doctor may prescribe a cough suppressant as medicine for cough for you.

What are popular Home Cough Remedies?

Some of the popular home cough remedies include

  • Honey
  • Turmeric
  • Black Pepper
  • Lemon


Home Cough Remedies Honey
Home Cough Remedies Honey

Honey is a very popular home cough remedy. It helps form a nice layer on the mucus membrane which in turn helps soothe irritation in the throat.

This unique property of honey helps you get rid of cough fast.

Honey works well as a remedy for most common types of cough.

Experts place honey at the top of home remedies for sore throat and cough.

Many doctors consider honey a great remedy for cough for its medicinal properties.

Honey is widely available in many groceries and super stores.

Honey is not just the Best Remedy for Cough but it also offers other health benefits For example, honey is great for skin health and it boosts your immunity.

You can consume honey direct or add it to your favorite hot drinks or cold drinks. Honey is more effective with hot drinks. Hot drinks also help you feel better when you have a cold or cough.

However, home remedies for baby cough are not usually based on honey.

Please consider medical opinion before you offer honey to small children as it may cause other problems. A medical advice is a must before using honey in home remedies for cough for children.


Turmeric is a natural spice commonly used in Indian cooking.

Home Cough Remedies Turmeric
Home Cough Remedies Turmeric

Turmeric is available as yellow powder in many Asian or Indian groceries and other super markets. It is also sold in its natural form as a root either fresh or dry.

Powder turmeric is produced by grinding dry turmeric root.

Many people in India believe turmeric is the best remedy for cough.

Home remedies for a cough based on turmeric are very effective. Hence, it is also the main ingredient in many dry cough home remedies.

Turmeric is a natural anti-biotic and anti-bacterial material. The anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties make turmeric one of the best home remedies for dry cough.

You can add turmeric to your food during cooking so that you consume it every day.

You may also mix turmeric with honey and ginger paste, and then take a spoonful at a time for 2-3 times a day. It provides some relief from cough almost immediately.

Black Pepper

Many people use black Pepper, a common spice in  their recipes. Some use whole pepper corns while others use black pepper powder. You may use black pepper corns in all your recipes.

Black pepper has many medicinal properties and health benefits. Black pepper helps soothe dry chesty cough and sore throat. For these reasons, black pepper is the main ingredient of many home cough remedies.

If you like, you may sprinkle black pepper powder on your food and eat. Adding black pepper powder to a hot soup is a great way to get quick relief from dry cough, chesty cough or sore throat.

However, home remedies for cough for children do not use black pepper. Home remedies for baby cough do not use black pepper due to its strong taste. Children may find black pepper taste too hot and strong.

We expect home cough remedies to be effective and tasty as well. Adults may find it easier to consume black pepper powder with a spoon of honey.


Lemon is very rich in vitamin C which boosts your immunity against cough and cold. Some doctors say lemon also has anti-cancer properties.

These properties make lemon one of the best ingredients in Home Cough Remedies.

Home Cough Remedies Lemon
Home Cough Remedies Lemon

Many popular Home Cough Remedies use Lemon. You may consume lemon in many ways.

You can drink a cup of hot drink made from water, lemon juice and honey. This works wonders if you drink first thing in the morning. Such hot drink helps clear your cough and other side effects of cough too.

Many people mix lemon juice with other ingredients like honey, turmeric etc. to make Home Cough Remedies tastier. You may also add lemon juice to food when you cook.

Why Tulasi Plant leaves can be the Best Medicine for Cough?

Best Medicine for Cough!

Best Medicine for Cough is the medicine for cough that is safe to use, inexpensive and works as the Best Remedy for Cough. Many people consider Tulasi Plant leaves as the Best Medicine for Cough.

Many Indians have been using Tulasi as the ‘Best Medicine for Cough’ for thousands of years. They consider Tulasi as the Best Medicine for Cough for many valid scientific reasons. Tulasi contains many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Regular consumption of Tulasi leaves helps boost immunity against cold, cough and other illnesses. Some even say Tulasi can cure all illnesses if consumed regularly.

Tulasi is the best medicine for cough for humans of all ages. Thus, Tulasi is the best home cough medicine for children and the best home cough medicine for adults too.

What is Tulasi Plant?

One can find Tulasi plant commonly in Indian subcontinent. Many Indian households cultivate Tulasi plants in their backyards. They do so for both religious and medicinal reasons. They consider Tulasi as the Best Remedy for Cough.

Many hindus worship Tulasi plant on a daily basis as a very holy plant. They offer Tulasi leaves to God during prayer and then eat them. Hinduism says that offering Tulasi leaves to God and then consuming them gives one a long healthy life.

Tulasi plant is also known as Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum or Holy Basil. The best medicine for cough ‘Tulasi’ is also known in Sanskrit as Surasa.

Best Medicine for Cough
Best Medicine for Cough

Tulasi plant has a very nice aroma, grows erect typically to 2 feet tall and has many branches. Tulasi plant looks like a mini shrub with leaves on all its branches. The leaves of Tulasi are simple green in colour sometimes with a purple strain. Tulasi leaves and have a strong, pleasant and soothing scent.

In India one can commonly see two varieties of Tulasi plant. These are Sri or Lakshmi Tulasi with green leaves and Krishna Tulasi with purple green leaves.

Tulasi plant leaves have great medicinal value such as the best medicine for dry cough. People in India have been treating common cold and cough symptoms by eating leaves from Tulasi plant for thousands of years.

Tulasi is popularly known as the best cough medicine for dry cough and other types of cough too. Some also say Tulasi is the best cough medicine for bronchitis too. So What is the Best Cough Medicine? Tulasi it is!

What medicinal properties does Tulasi have?

Ayurveda has used Tulasi as the best medicine for cough for thousands of years.

Tulasi has many medicinal properties as below:

  • Tulasi is the best cough medicine for dry cough.
  • Regular consumption of tulasi juice will balance different processes in the body when they go out of sync.
  • If one consumes Tulasi leaf regularly, it boosts immunity against many illnesses.
  • It also helps your body to de-stress and promote longevity.

For all the above reasons, Tulasi is the main ingredient in a wide range of Ayurveda medicines. Oil is extracted from Tulasi and then used in preparation of medicines.

One can eat Tulasi plant leaves fresh or drink tea made from dried and powdered Tulasi leaves. Tulasi leaf juice is the best cough medicine for kids as well as best cough medicine for adults. Tulasi is thus the best medicine for cough.

5 Facts about Tulasi

  • Tulasi is sometimes spelt as Tulsi or Thulasi

    5 Facts about Tulasi
    5 Facts about Tulasi
  • Plant ‘Tulasi’ comes in two main types Green-leaved, known as Sri or Lakshmi tulasi and Purple-green leaved, known as Krishna tulasi
  • Hindus worship Tulasi. Thus they  offer Tulasi leaves to God in worship
  • Tulasi is an aromatic plant in the family ‘Lamiaceae’
  • Tulasi is also known as Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum or Holy basil

5 Home Remedies for Cough for Kids

Home Remedies for Cough for Kids

Home Remedies for Cough for Kids are very easy to make, use. They are very effective in treating cough in children.

Cough and cold are so common in children and you may have to face cough and cold in children very often. Taking the child to the doctors every time they have a cold or cough can be very stressful for parents as well as children.

It is very wise to try one of the many home remedies for cough for kids to begin with. Please find below some of the very popular home cough remedies that you may find useful for your child.

A word of caution for all parents is that you must always be sensible in using home cough remedies for kids. Things like allergies and other factors play an important role.

Adult cough remedies may not necessarily be good for children with cough. For example, Honey is an important home cough remedy that may not be so good for some kids.

If the home remedy for cough for kids does not work, you must however see a doctor.

5 Top Natural Remedies for Cough in Children

These 5 Home Remedies for Cough for Kids are the best a parent can think of when they want to treat the cough of their child in the comfort of their own home.

So, the first choice any parent can think of is ‘Home Remedies for Cough for Kids’.

Home Remedies for Cough for Kids are much safer than over the counter medicines. Generally home cough remedies for children do not have any adverse side effects. Most home cough remedies are tastier  than OTC or prescribed medcines too.

You may also make the home cough remedies taste better to make them easy for your children. It is important that kids cough medicine must taste good. Many baby cough remedies are with fruity flavours and sweet in taste.


Honey is a very powerful home based medicine for many ailments.

You can consume honey if you have any type of cough. Honey works on the irritated membranes of respiratory tract and provides you immediate relief. Once irritation comes down, cough comes down too.

You can offer Honey to children after certain age only. So please do not give honey to children without checking with your doctor first. Honey can be harmful for children below some age.


With chesty cough, kids suffer congestion due to extra mucus in lungs or respiratory tract.

When the mucus is thick and sticky, the patient feels very uncomfortable. Patient feels congestion in lungs and respiratory tract with excess mucus. One must find a way to expel the excess mucus in order to make the patient feel better.

But it is very difficult to expel thick and sticky mucus from the respiratory tract.  We need to thin the mucus in order to expel it easily. The trick is to give lots of fluids to the child that’s suffering from congestion, cold and cough.

Doctors say it is very important to give plenty of fluids to children when they are coughing.

Fluids act like lubricants and thin the mucus in respiratory tract. When the extra fluids enter the body, the mucus also gets smooth. Once the mucus thins down with fluids, it is easy to expel it.

Thus giving extra fluids alongside baby cough remedies is important. All toddler cough remedies work better with extra fluids given to the children with chest congestion and cough.

Raised Head

If the child is coughing a lot in bed, you can try raising child’s head a little. You can use either a small pillow or a folded towel to do so.

This helps clear the cough and allows the child to sleep better.

When the child has head raised, the mucus and fluids move downwards with gravity and the throat and lungs get cleared. When the throat and lungs are clear from mucus and irritating liquids, the child coughs less and sleeps more.

Thus keeping the child’s head raised provides some relief to the kids and they can sleep better.

So, in addition to using toddler cough remedies, you may find it useful to make the child sleep with raised head. This trick works very well during Cough Treatment at Home.


Tulasi is a very popular plant with great medicinal value. Many Indian households worship Tulasi on a daily basis as a holy plant.

Tulasi leaves contain many medicinal properties and help in soothing cough in children. Cough Remedies for Kids in countries like India generally contain Tulasi.

Children may consume Tulasi on a daily basis too. Regular consumption of Tulasi improves immunity and promotes longevity.

Tulasi leaf has a nice flavour and aroma. Tulasi juice has a very refreshing taste.

So to treat cough in children that can eat Tulasi leaf or drink Tulasi juice, you may give them the same.

If the children do not like the leaf or juice, you may mix it in their favourite food or drink and give.


You can allow the child to inhale some steam when they are coughing a lot. Inhaling steam is common in Cough Treatment at Home. Steam acts as decongestant and helps the respiratory tubes open up more.

This helps the child to breathe better and cough less.

You may find this personal steam inhaler handy, easy to use and safe. You may also let hot water tap run for few minutes in a closed room. The steam from hot water fills in the room. But buying a steaming kit is a more sensible thing to do.

It is important that you take enough care and precaution to avoid any accidents with hot water and steam.

Summary | Home Remedies for Cough for Kids

When you use home remedies for cough for kids as above, it is important to keep an eye on the condition of the child. You can use any home remedies for cough for kids only for few days.

If the cough is persistent despite using home remedies for cough for kids, you must see a doctor. When you see the doctor, you must explain to him what home remedies for cough for kids you used.

Based on that doctors will help you treat the child’s cough.

Why do we cough? What are the real reasons behind your cough?

Why do we cough? What are the real reasons behind your cough?

Why do we cough when we have flu, when we inhale smoke, dust etc. is something I always wondered. I have had cough many times.

You can safely say that almost every human on earth would have had some type of cough at some point. Cough is such a common ailment.

But why do we cough? Are all coughs same?

Does best medicine for dry cough work for other types of cough too?

There are many types of cough that come up due to many reasons. Some coughs last few minutes, some hours, some days and some coughs even last very long time.

The fundamental fact about a cough is that cough is body’s response to an irritant in the respiratory system. Cough is actually a defence to protect your body.

For example when excess mucus enters lungs, your body responds by triggering a cough. When you cough, the excess mucus gets expelled and you begin to feel better.

When you have a tickle in throat, your body responds with a cough to relieve you from the tickle.

This is why we cough and that is true for any type of cough.

What are common types of cough?

We can broadly classify cough into two as either productive cough or non-productive cough.

A productive cough is one that produces mucus or phlegm when you cough. Sometimes we refer to a productive cough as mucus cough or chesty cough.

A non-productive cough does not produce any mucus or phlegm. Sometimes we refer to a non-productive cough as dry cough or tickly cough.

Chesty cough

You have a chesty cough if you have a feeling that someone is squeezing your chest very hard.  Commonly, a chesty cough is a result of phlegm accumulation in lungs.

Chest congestion is another common symptom of a chesty cough.

A typical cause for a chesty cough could be an irritant such as dust, bacteria or a virus in your lungs.

Why do we cough when an irritant enters our airways?

Such irritants lead to an infection in lungs. Such infection leads to an inflammation of the airways and extra mucus in your lungs.

To expel the excess mucus from your lungs and help you feel better, your brain triggers a cough. That’s chesty cough.

When you have a productive cough, an expectorant can be the best medicine for cough of this type.

Mucus Cough

When you have a mucus cough your chest feels incredibly heavy.

In a healthy person, the body produces mucus in the linings of airways to protect the person from dust, bacteria and virus.

When you have a cold, your body produces even more mucus to trap the virus and bacteria. Your body produces more mucus to protect you from the cold virus.

But why do you cough when you have more mucus? With more mucus, your brain starts a cough to clear the respiratory system.

To feel better you may have to use something that can thin the mucus. It is lot easier to expel thin mucus than the thick mucus. Drinking lot of fluids can also help thin mucus.

So drinking lot of fluids is one type of mucus cough treatment.

Tickly Cough

A tickly cough causes irritation in your throat as if someone is tickling inside your throat. As a result, you may feel very uncomfortable and irritable while talking or eating.

Why do we cough and have a tickle in throat?

A tickly cough is commonly caused by an irritation in the throat. The irritated area may produce a constant feeling of tickle in the throat. The tickle causes a dry tickly cough.

Tickly cough is sometimes accompanied by a sore throat. Salt water gargling can work as cough suppressant when you have a tickly cough.

Hacking Dry Cough

This type of cough is generally very painful and intense. You feel it more in the throat than in the chest.

Why do we cough and feel pain in the chest?

A hacking dry cough is generally caused by an inflammation of the upper airways.

The main causes can be infections such as cold or flu. Sometimes pollutants such as dust, smoke or fumes can also trigger a hacking dry cough

Why do we cough? What causes each type of cough?

Most coughs are a result of cold or flu.

Other reasons for cough include a habit of smoking, an allergy like hay fever, an infection like bronchitis.

Some people cough because they have mucus dripping down the throat from the back of the nose.

Lung cancer is one of the more serious reasons for cough in some cases.

The causes short-term or acute coughs and long-term of chronic coughs can be very different.

Short-term Cough

A short-term cough is generally due to one or more of the below causes.

An infection in the upper respiratory tract like throat, wind-pipe or sinus. Examples include Common cold, flu, laryngitis, sinusitis or whooping cough.

An infection in the lower respiratory tract like lungs or lower airways. Examples include bronchitis or pneumonia.

An allergy like hay fever.

An episode when a long term condition such as asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or pneumonia flares up.

Exposure to pollutants like dust or smoke and breathing them in.

Sometimes a short-term cough can be the beginning of a chronic illness that may later lead to chronic cough.

Long-term Cough

A long-term or chronic cough  is generally due to one or more of the below reasons.

A long-term infection in the respiratory tract. Chronic bronchitis is a good example.

Asthma accompanied with wheezing, tight chest, breathlessness.

An allergy and ongoing exposure of the person to such allergens.

Long term smoking habit. Chronic cough from smoking may mean COPD too.

Bronchiectasis resulting in wider air passages in lungs.

Dripping mucus in throat as a result of rhinitis or sinusitis.

GERD or acid reflux where food and acid from stomach re-enter the food way above stomach.

A side-effect of medicines used for long term conditions such as hypertension or cardiovascular diseases.

Other more serious reasons like lung cancer, tuberculosis, or blood clots in lungs may also cause chronic cough in some cases.

Cough in Children

Many of the above reasons cause cough in children as they do in adults. However there are certain reasons for coughs as below  that are more common in children than adults.

Bronchiolitis – this is a mild respiratory tract infection with symptoms similar to those of common cold.

Croup – this produces a cough that sounds similar to barking. Also generally accompanied by a harsh sound when the child breathes in.

Whooping cough – this causes intense hacking cough sometimes accompanied by vomit and distinct whooping sound when the child breathes in.

It is important that you see a doctor and ask for the best medicine for cough if your cough is persistent.

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How does cough Syrup work? Little known Secrets!

How does cough Syrup work?

How does cough Syrup work is a question that many of us ask.

When we have persistent cough, we wonder why do we cough and then we take cough syrup that we believe is the best cough suppressant and cough gets suppressed.

When we take cough syrup as a Medicine for Cough, all we can say is we feel a bit drowsy after. Cough syrup works differently than home cough remedies. But How does cough Syrup work?

A cough suppressant for kids may sometimes put them to good sleep too as a side effect. But you cannot give cough suppressant for kids without medical advice.

How does cough syrup make you feel?

How does cough Syrup work
How does cough Syrup work

The question How does cough Syrup work is a different story but how do you feel when you drink cough syrup?

We all say we feel drowsy.

It is a real mystery for people with severe cough how does cough syrup work. One moment they are coughing very badly and they take a spoonful of cough syrup or the best cough suppressant then they start to feel a bit drowsy and the cough just gets supressed.

But How does cough Syrup work?

When we consume cough syrup, It feels like someone has passed an order to the brain to just stop coughing. It is actually a similar situation that exists in the body after a few moments when you take a spoonful of cough syrup if not home cough remedies.

But ‘How does cough Syrup work?’ It is interesting to know cough syrups have different types of active ingredients that do a typical kind of work on the body to supress a cough.

The common types of ingredients that cough syrups contain are:

  • Antitussives
  • Expectorants
  • Antihistamines 
  • Decongestants

These ingredients are used based on why do we cough.

Do you know how does cough Syrup work?

We all use cough syrup for Cough Treatment. One can explain How cough syrup works as below.

A cough syrup works based on what the active ingredient is in it.

The common ingredients of cough syrups are antitussives, expectorants, antihistamines and decongestants.

They all work very differently on the body and serve to supress various types of coughs. Coughs may be caused by different reasons and one of the above can be best cough medicine for adults.

What are Antitussives?

Antitussives are common ingredients of cough syrups that are used for dry Cough Treatment.

If a cough syrup is an Antitussive, it works on the cough reflex by reducing the reflex to cough. Antitussive works on the brain and supresses the cough reflex.

Some cough syrup names indicate the presence of antitussives.

Sometimes when we wonder how to cure dry cough, antitussives are the best cough medicine for adults. If the doctor believes antitussive is best medicine for dry cough in your case, he may give one.

Some times you may get an antitussive as the best OTC cough medicine.

What are Expectorants?

Expectorants are common ingredients of cough syrups that are used for chesty coughs.

If a cough syrup is an expectorant, it helps by increasing amount of mucus and easy expulsion of mucus from lungs and nearby areas.

When an expectorant expels excess mucus from the chest, the person gets relief from chesty cough.

Next time you have a chesty cough and buy  the best over the counter cough medicine, check if your Medicine for Cough is an expectorant.

What are Antihistamines?

Antihistamines are common ingredients of cough medicines that are used to treat coughs due to allergies or gastric acid conditions.

Antihistamines help to reduce the amount of histamine released by the body due to an underlying condition.

This helps in reducing cough and explains How does cough Syrup work.

H1 antihistamines treat conditions like runny nose, itching and sneezing etc.

H2 antihistamines treat conditions arising out of gastric acid conditions.

These can be the answer when you say how to cure dry cough.

For some people that have an allergic cough, antihistamine can be best over the counter cough medicine. A pharmacist can offer you a antihistamine as best medicine for dry cough.

What are Decongestants?

As we can see from some cough syrup names, decongestants are used in them.

Decongestants are part of medicines used for decongesting the respiratory tubes etc. so that the person can breathe easier.

Decongestants cause the blood vessels in the lungs and nose tubes to narrow so that extra space is available for air to flow easily. A decongestant can be your best OTC cough medicine when you have blocked air passages.

How does cough syrup work basically depends on the ingredient in the cough syrup. For example how does cough syrup work when ingredient is decongestant, it works by relaxing the air passages.

How does cough syrup work when expectorant is present? It works by expelling the mucus. It is helpful to understand how does cough syrup work when we use cough syrup.

Knowing how does cough syrup work makes us feel more comfortable with cough syrup usage.

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11 Simple Home Cough Remedies

Simple Home Cough Remedies are great when you want a easy and quick way to control your cough. Simple Home Cough Remedies can keep you in good form until you get to the doctors.

Natural cough remedies that you can make from kitchen ingredients are very helpful. There are many ‘Simple Home Cough Remedies’ you can make at home with simple ingredients from your kitchen.

11 Simple Home Cough Remedies
11 Simple Home Cough Remedies

Many people depend on Simple Home Cough Remedies for some time and if the cough does not go away in a week or so, they see a doctor.

Please note that any Home Cough Remedies that you use must be explained to your doctor. Some doctors do encourage the use of Home Cough Remedies. Your doctor will investigate further if Home Remedies for Coughing have not helped you to get rid of cough. The doctor may prescribe you the best cough suppressant if necessary.

What causes Cough?

A cough can be due to a number of reasons like a virus, common cold, excessive smoking, allergy or more serious ones like asthma, tuberculosis and lung cancer.

Basically cough is a reaction that brain produces when there is a foreign substance blocking or irritating throat or air passages.

Whatever the cause of cough, there are many home cough remedies that are simple to use and very effective.

11 Simple Home Cough Remedies

Let’s see 11 simple Home Cough Remedies that work wonders to control cough. You may as well find one of these to be the best cough medicine for adults.

These natural coughing remedies can be used on adults if they are not allergic to these. But, please consult a doctor and discuss before trying these coughing remedies on children.

Home remedies for cough for kids may need to be used with caution. All Home Remedies for Coughing must be used with care and caution and any adverse reactions taken to hospital.

Home Cough Remedies must also be discussed with doctors. Home remedies for cough for kids is a totally different area not covered by this article. So, please do not try any of the simple home cough remedies here on children. When it comes to cough treatment for children, seeing a doctor is the best thing to do.

Please find below 11 of the simplest home cough remedies. You can check for yourself which is the best cough medicine for adults.

Please note that the author is not a qualified doctor or medical professional and the below is only findings from research done by the author out of personal interest.

You are strongly advised to seek medical advice before using any of the remedies mentioned on this website. Also, if you think you have a persistent cough over some time, please see a doctor for the best cough suppressant.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric has great medicinal value for many ailments. It has the antibiotic effect on the body. Turmeric helps to relieve cough symptoms when you consume it the right way.

Turmeric in powder form is easier to use in recipes or home remedies for cough. Turmeric is actually root, people dry it and then powder it to make it easier to consume.

Some of the tips for using turmeric for cough remedy are:

  • Add turmeric, black pepper powder and honey to boiled water and drink it few times a day for quick cough relief
  • You can also mix turmeric powder and honey with some black pepper powder and eat it

These remedies are supposedly more effective when consumed on empty stomach. But you may also consume these when you cough a lot so you get some immediate relief at home.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a very popular and effective home remedy for cough. One way to consume ginger is to clean and peel ginger root and chew it.

But ginger has strong flavour and if you are someone that cannot take such a strong flavour, you can boil ginger in water, add some honey and drink it warm like tea.

Tea and other drinks with ginger as Home Cough Remedies! Great!

3. Lemon

As a fruit, Lemon is strong in vitamin C and improves body immunity to viral or bacterial infections. Lemon is easily available in the market and is cheap.

The best way to use lemon as home cough remedy is to make a simple drink by squeezing in a lemon in warm water and adding a spoon of honey and drink it to get good relief from cough.

Drinking lemon and honey with warm water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is great and refreshing. This warm drink with honey and lemon helps to detoxify your body and lose weight too.

Next time you wonder how to cure dry cough with one of the simple home cough remedies, you can think of lemon and honey.

4. Garlic

One of the best Simple Home Cough Remedies is garlic. Garlic provides quick and effective relief from cough at home.

Many people use garlic in their cooking not just for its flavour but also its medicinal value. Another way to consume garlic as a home cough remedy is to boil some garlic in water and add some honey to drink.

If you can tolerate garlic’s flavour in the mouth, you can also get a clove of garlic and eat it direct. Please remember to chew the garlic well to prevent choking.

And please never give a clove of garlic to a child to eat as it may choke them or too strong a flavour for a child.

5. Onion

Onion is a common ingredient in many recipes and has great medicinal value. It can be one of the simple Home Cough Remedies.

Onion is also known to help soothe a bad cough just by its strong flavour and taste not just its medicinal value. Just cutting onion can help you relieve cough. When you cut onion, you breathe in its strong flavour that helps you ease up cough.

If you like it, you can also drink onion juice mixed with honey as a home cough remedy. This is how to cure dry cough.

6. Honey and Milk

If you have been coughing all day and find it difficult to sleep, honey with hot milk is a very good one of simple Home Cough Remedies.

Just heat a cup of milk, add some honey to it (turmeric too if you can) and drink it before going to bed. This will give relief from cough and any chest or throat pain resulting from constant cough.

This is also a good dry cough home remedy.

7. Black Pepper

Black pepper is known to relieve sore throat and cough very effectively and is a great dry cough home remedy.

You can use black pepper in cooking or powder it and add to a spoon of honey and consume. Or you can add black pepper powder and honey to a cup of hot milk and consume for immediate cough relief.

If you are fond of soups, you can add generous amount of pepper powder to your soup and drink the soup for better relief from cough.

8. Cayenne

Take some cayenne pepper, ground ginger and some honey to mix together and consume it 2-3 times a day for quick relief from cough. You may also add some apple cider vinegar to make it more effective.

This is one of the best and simple Home Remedies for Coughing. Easy Cough Treatment at Home indeed!

9. Carrot

Carrots too can make simple Home Cough Remedies.

For a great home cough remedy, just pop in 2-3 carrots in a blender and blend to a nice paste, then add some water and honey and stir well. You can drink this 2-3 times a day for quick relief from cough.

This is because carrots have essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help treat cough at home. This is good way of Cough Treatment at Home.

For children that love carrots, is this one of the easy Home Cough Remedies? You can check for yourself. But please make sure you do not give big carrot pieces to children. Carrots can cause choking hazard in children.

10. Grapes

Sometimes excessive mucus in lungs or other respiratory tracts can cause a bad cough. Cough is an attempt from the body to get rid of excess mucus.

To expel mucus out from the body doctors generally prescribe an expectorant.

One of the simple home cough remedies that can act as an expectorant is grape. You can eat grapes direct or you can make grape juice and add some honey too if you wish.

Grapes can be one of the sweetest Home Remedies for Coughing! Fruits and Home Cough Remedies go very easy with me!

11. Almonds

As dry fruits or nuts, Almonds are very nutritious and bring you many health benefits. Almonds are also one of the best Home Cough Remedies.

For good relief from cough, soak some almonds in water over night and then grind the soaked almonds to a fine paste. You can add some butter to this paste and consume as a home remedy for cough.

Tasty and Crunchy almonds as Home Cough Remedies! Great!

Are Home Remedies for Baby Cough safe?

Home Remedies for Baby Cough are very handy when your child starts coughing and all you want is a quick help. You can start cough treatment at home with simple home cough remedies for children. This saves you from lot of hassle as many home remedies for baby cough work very quickly and the child calms down. This gives you some quiet time until you get to the doctors.

An alternative way of cough at treatment at home is by using over the counter cough medicines for children. Most OTC cough medicines for children however can have side effects and may not be safe. Natural cough remedies for children are safe and have no adverse side effects. Some home remedies for baby cough work quicker than over the counter cough medicines.

So next time your child has a cold or cough, you can try some of the simple Home Remedies for Baby Cough and see if they work. Doctors encourage use of ‘Home Remedies for Baby Cough’ before you decide to see a them but, if your child has a persistent cough, you must consult a good doctor quickly.

After giving some Home Remedies for Baby Cough, if your child does not show any good progress, you must take the child to a doctor. The doctors will take care of the child’s cough. You can ask the doctor what’s good for cough in babies and the doctor will offer you baby cough medicine.

Examples of Home Remedies for Baby Cough

Home Remedies for Baby Cough include

  • getting lots of rest for the child
  • getting the child to breathe some steam air
  • using saline drops to decongest and let the child breathe easier
  • applying vapour rubs following medical instructions
  • give the child lots of fluids to drink with doctor’s advice
  • helping the child to lie down with head in elevated position when on bed

The above remedies are good for cough before you get a chance to take the child to a doctor for baby cough medicine.

If you want to offer honey to the child, please seek doctors’ advice.

The below is only a limited list of Cough Remedies for Kids and there may be many more depending on what your eating habits are.


You must make sure your child gets lots of rest when suffering from a cold or cough or viral fever. To fight a cough, the child’s body needs extra energy. The child can save some energy by resting.

Stress also impacts a child’s health so you can make sure your child gets proper rest and is free from any other pressures.

In many cases, Cough Treatment at Home for kids begins with proper rest.


When your child has a blocked nose or bad chest, you can expose the child to breathe in some steamy air. When the child breathes steam in, the heat and humidity helps soothe the irritated mucus membranes of the respiratory tract. This clears congestion, child can breathe easier and cough comes down.

Steam inhalation is one of the best home remedies for children’s cough and is a vital part of Cough Treatment at Home for babies.

You must very cautious with steam inhalation to make sure the child does not suffer any burns.

Saline Drops

Saline drops is one of the top Home Remedies for Coughing. Simple Saline drops are great for children with stuffy nose due to a cold or cough. Saline drops is one of the easiest toddler cough remedies.

You can put a drop in each nose with doctor’s advice. Then let the child lie down in a position that helps the saline to drip in and provide cough relief.

Vapour Rubs

Vapour rubs based on things like eucalyptus, camphor and menthol can help kids with cold and cough feel better instantly.

Vapour rubs is one of toddler cough remedies. When you buy vapour rubs you must ask for Cough Remedies for Kids as some vapour rubs may be too strong for kids.

As some vapour rubs are very strong in smell, you need to take medical advice before using these on kids.

Extra Fluids

Giving extra fluids to a child alongside other Home Remedies for Coughing is important. You can give extra fluids like, water, fruit juice etc. to children with cough so that they feel more hydrated.

Offering extra fluids is one of the most vital home remedies for children’s cough. When they drink more fluids, mucus gets thinner. When the mucus is thinner, it is easy to expel it. So the child feels better.

Are home remedies for baby cough safe?

All home remedies for baby cough are generally very gentle and made from natural ingredients so they are safe. The only exception of safety of home remedies for baby cough is when a child is allergic to some ingredients.

So when you prepare home remedies for baby cough, you must consider any allergies the child may have.

Honey may be one of the best cough medicine for adults but it may be harmful for some children. Honey is never to be used in any home remedies for baby cough without doctor advice. If honey is used in home remedies for baby cough, it may cause some problems in children.

Does dry cough cause pain? Why do you have pain in chest and throat?

Does dry cough cause pain? Yes. Dry cough pain is very common. As dry cough is very intense and hard on your body, you may feel pain in throat, chest ribs or head. This is called dry cough pain.

If you have persistent dry cough may causing chronic dry cough pain in throat, chest or head, taking simple pain killers may help relieve the dry cough pain. Topical rubs can help relieve dry cough and dry cough pain.

The best cough medicine you use for dry cough must also be capable of treating dry cough pain.

Common causes for cough and pain

There are many conditions that may eventually lead to a cough and chest pain or throat pain.

When you have a dry cough for whatever reason, your muscles in throat, head and chest are stressed. A constant dry cough can also cause your muscles to over work and in extreme cases injure your muscles. This may leave you with severe pain in throat, head, chest and around ribs.

Common Cold

When you have common cold, you may suffer from runny nose, sore throat, headache etc. A cold can leave you with a dry cough and headache. So a viral respiratory infection may start with common cold and progress to dry cough and head ache. Such dry cough may then cause you pain in throat and chest too.


Bronchitis is another common cause for cough. With bronchitis, you may produce yellow or dark phlegm when you cough. Bronchitis also leads to chest pain when you cough.

If you think your dry cough is due to bronchitis, you need to see a doctor as soon as you can. You need some medicine to treat your bronchitis. Only a doctor can examine you for bronchitis cough pain and prescribe you medicine.


Cough due to tuberculosis may cause severe chest pain along with cough with blood, fever, chills and fatigue.

As tuberculosis is a serious disease that needs long term treatment with a range of antibiotics, you must get tested for TB if you think you have it. When you have cough and other TB symptoms you must see a doctor as soon as you can.


Histoplasmosis is a condition that causes severe cough, muscle pain, chest pain fever etc. Normally, a fungal infection is the root cause for histoplasmosis.

You need to see a doctor for examination and prescription to treat histoplasmosis and cough.


Pneumonia is another condition that may cause chest pain along with cough, breathlessness, wheezing, fever and chills. A lung infection normally triggers pneumonia that may lead to chest pain.

You may need hospitalisation if you have cough due to pneumonia.

Viral pharyngitis

Viral pharyngitis can cause throat pain along with cold like symptoms. As the name suggests a virus is the root cause in this case.

Smoke exposure

When you are exposed to smoke, you may suffer from cough and chest pain. Smoke exposure can also cause wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.

It is important you get some fresh air to breathe to avoid long term health issues due to smoke exposure.


Chronic sinusitis may lead to throat pain which in turn may cause throat pain and chest pain along with head ache, fever and tooth pain.

You need to see a good Ear Nose Throat specialist, also called an ENT to treat your sinusitis.